While the Navigating Next curriculum is likely appropriate for any transitioning servicemember, the following elements should be considered when referring a candidate to apply:

Shift’s hiring partners are largely mid-market technology companies, so the curriculum for the program does have a “tech flavor” to it - examples and case studies frequently reference tech companies, guest speakers are typically from the tech industry, etc. As such, an interest in or openness to working in the tech industry is recommended in order to get the most out of the experience.

Shift has a growing list of role categories into which our hiring partners are seeking to place talent. While the program is designed for those who do not yet know what they want to do, interest in or openness to the roles below would also help participants get the most out of the experience (though lack of either should not immediately disqualify a candidate):

  • Sales and business development

  • Customer success and account management

  • Project, program, and operations management

  • General management/chief of staff roles

  • Recruiting, human resources, and people operations

  • Software development/coding boot camp graduates

  • Data science

While we do not screen by rank, Shift’s hiring partners are typically looking for professionals who can take ownership of their role, adapt to new environments quickly, and operate with autonomy. Servicemembers who have solely served in individual contributor roles and/or lack leadership experience are not recommended. Our curriculum skews toward being more appropriate for “knowledge workers” versus manual laborers.

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