As a general rule, service members may not accept gifts, travel benefits (transportation, lodging, meals) or similar perks from a SkillBridge Industry Partner. However, they may be accepted if available to ALL participants (including members of the general public) from the SkillBridge Partner.

Example 1:

A military service member participating in a SkillBridge internship with Company X while in a permissive TDY status. In addition to service members, the internship includes members of the general public. If Company X offers to pay for the service member's airfare and lodging/meals while participating in the internship, the service member may accept the offer if it is also extended to the participating members of the general public.

Example 2:

Near the end of the SkillBridge internship, the participating service member is invited to interview with Company X at its headquarters in another state. Company X HQ offers to pay for your interview travel expenses. However, members of the general public who also participate in the internship are not provided travel expenses when invited to an interview. Because the interview travel expenses are not offered to all invitees, the service member may NOT accept the travel expenses from Company X to attend the interview at the HQ.

Service members and their Chain of Command should discuss the unique circumstances of any gift/benefits offer with their servicing Legal Office before accepting them.

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