Shiftproxy offers the option for proxies to be country targeted, but it may be unclear which countries are available for our "Old Datacenter" proxy products. This article will provide a list of the available countries and how to use country targeting with your proxy plan.

Country List:

  • United States (--country--us)

  • Canada (--country--ca)

  • United Kingdom (--country--gb)

  • France (--country--fr)

  • Germany (--country--de)

  • India (--country--in)

  • Brazil (--country--br)

  • Thailand (--country--th)

So how can you country target your proxies?

It's quite simple, we'll show you in a few steps!

  1. Login to your Shiftproxy account and select the active plan you'd like to use.

  2. Next, we're going to select the "Country" drop-down on the proxy generator section (image below).

  3. After selecting one of the supported country location (list above), simply copy your outputted proxies!

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