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Actors: Map the people and systems involved in your processes in ShiftX
Actors: Map the people and systems involved in your processes in ShiftX

Learn how to map out the actors in your flows

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The core of every business process is the people and systems that interact in the process. In ShiftX, we call them Actors. It can be your marketing department, your CRM system, or your online store. The important thing is that you all agree and understand what's what.

Here's a little tutorial explaining actors:

And here are some written instructions:

1. "Tag" an actor

Click on a step in the flow you're working on. In the "Narrative"-field in the side panel to the right, start writing "@...", with the name of the actor you want to create. For example @Sales. If the actor "Sales" already exists, it will pop up in the drop-down menu when you start writing "@Sal..." If there is no such actor already, you click "+ New actor", and create the actor you're missing. It will look something like this:

Screenshot of ShiftX editor with user creating a new actor

2. Get an overview of all your actors

Another way to go about it is starting to map out all the actors in your organization in the Actors Dashboard. On the left side panel of your ShiftX dashboard, click "Actors". There you'll find the complete list of all the actors throughout your whole ShiftX workspace. If it's empty, you can start creating new actors (f.ex. the different systems, departments, and colleagues you know will be involved in your flows) from this actors dashboard.

Still got questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Alf (, our Head of Customer Success.

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