The main benefit of this feature is to allow quick grouping of orders. When picking orders on mobile, the orders that are listed are filtered by Order Status.

You can specify which Order Status each picker / packer will see by setting the Default Order Status in the user account.

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Creating a Custom Order Status

  1. Go to Orders > Order Statuses and click "+Add Status" 
  2. Name your status and click "Save Changes"
  3. Go to Orders > Manage Orders
  4. Use the filter features to select the orders you want to update
  5. Select the orders you want to update using the check box on the right side of the orders.
  6. Tap the "Bulk Edit" button, located on the top of the page.
  7. The custom order status you created should be visible in the Order Status list. Select the order status you want to apply to your selected orders.
  8. Click "Update"
  9. Success, you have now applied your Custom Order Status to the selected orders.

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