This article covers these topics :

I. Email templates overall presentation

II. Email templates set-up

  1. Email template design
  2. Content
  3. Footer
  4. Change the images of your email templates

1. Email templates overall presentation

Notifications sent by Shipup have an average open rate of 60%. It's important to spend time on their design to make it fit your marketing strategy.

To create your template click here

There are 3 different types of templates which can be distinguished by 3 icons:

  • Main : Sent when the package is shipped
  • Incident : Sent when an unexpected event occur : Issue in address, delay etc..
  • Delivery : Sent when the package is delivered - When this notification is sent, the tracking is stoped and Shipup does not sent any new notifications

There are two types of views possible for email templates:

  • Desktop view
  • Mobile view

The mobile view and the desktop view are linked. If you make a change on the desktop display, it will automatically be the same on the mobile display.

⚠️⚠️ When adding a promotional banner on the desktop view, don't forget to check the mobile version to be sure the content is well displayed.

⚠️ International shipments 🌍: Remember, make the changes for each language (by clicking on the flag at the top right)

2. Email templates set-up

Each template is composed of three categories: design, content, footer

1. Email template design 🖍

To change the colors, click here or go on :

-> 'Configure' (pencil icon on the left hand side) > 'Email template' > Click 'edit' on one of the templates

Adding the logo:

  • We recommend an icon size of around 400 pixels
  • Here are the different possible formats: JPG, JPEG (recommended for a single image), PNG 24 (recommended to ensure the transparency effect around the picture)
  • The width of the email is 600 pixels.

2. Content

Go in Configure > Email templates > content

A. Add a promotional banner (blue arrow)

> Visible on the Main template and the Delivery template (the logo of the template is displayed to help you)

Some ideas :

  • Encourage your client to subscribe to your instagram page
  • Or propose new products 😀

B. Add an incident banner (green arrow)

> Visible on the incident template: It allows you to communicate in a different manner in order to reassure your client.

C. Add a satisfaction questionnaire

It allows you to have feedback from your customer on your product and delivery service. You can come back proactively to an unsatisfied customer.

More information on this feature HERE

D. Products

It allows embedding the package contents on your email template.

Explanatory video

3. Footer

To add social network icons :

WARNING ⚠️⚠️: There is no draft mode, don't forget to save your changes!

4. Change the images of your email templates

Go to: "Settings"> Scroll down to "Company Images"> Download your custom icon set

Or click here

WARNING ⚠️⚠️: don't forget to go to the email templates to generate and save new templates with your new icons by clicking on Edit > Save

Explanatory video:

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