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About Shogun Frontend
About Shogun Frontend
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Headless commerce made simple.

Exceed the limits of modern ecommerce on a unified frontend platform

Shogun Frontend, for the past three years, has transformed storefronts into sub-second shopping experiences using progressive web app technology and an end-to-end headless commerce platform, empowering brands to exceed the limits of modern ecommerce, all on a unified platform.

With Shogun Frontend, brands have been able to recognize the benefits of headless without the complexity, balance beautiful design with page load times, implement changes as they dream them up without continuous coding, and stand out from the noise with a truly differentiated online storefront.

However, following significant achievements, over 50 storefront launches, and helping many brands realize the benefits of headless without complex infrastructure, Shogun has made the difficult decision to retire the Shogun Frontend product. This decision comes in response to broader shifts in the current market environment, with many merchants needing to be especially cost-conscious due to macroeconomic trends.

Despite these changes to the ecommerce landscape, Shogun will continue to focus on its flagship product, the Shogun Page Builder. This product is a proven, powerful, and accessible way for Shopify and BigCommerce merchants to create high-converting, custom store content while reducing developer reliance and costs. Today over 35,000+ scaling brands use Page Builder, and this number is steadily growing.

For Shogun Frontend customers wondering what happens next, we recommend visiting the blog post Sunsetting Shogun Frontend to learn about the transition process.

Additionally, to learn more about headless ecommerce without the jargon, check out our blog.


Headless made simple.

Shogun Frontend allows you to reap the benefits of headless without the complexity. With a unified frontend platform, you no longer have to build a frontend from scratch while juggling multiple vendors and contracts. With a packaged frontend platform you get everything you need to create an exceptional shopping experience. Learn more about how Shogun Frontend's all-in-one frontend platform offers headless without the headache here.

And with our powerful and growing integration network, Shogun Frontend integrates with your current ecommerce services and is supported by our expanding network of technology partners.

Differentiated experiences, without trade-offs

Stop choosing between beautiful design and page load time⏤ with Shogun Frontend, you can have both.

Increase your conversion rate with an unparalleled, sub-second page load and empower your ecommerce team to manage content more efficiently with Shogun Frontend, a next-generation ecommerce experience platform (eXP).

With Shogun Frontend, your entire ecommerce store loads within an instant even on mobile letting customers explore your products without delay no matter where they are.


More control, less code


Make changes as your team dreams them up, without the need to continuously code.

Empower your marketing team to build and edit pages with a true view of the shopper experience using the Experience Manager. Pre-built page Sections and Templates used with the Experience Manager allow your team to move quickly, without code and with limitless design potential.

Our powerful, purpose-built Content Management System allows you to manage all content from a single location and store, edit and publish site-wide content changes instantly.

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