Testing and Validation
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The following recommendations will help verify usability and identify errors or performance issues.

Functional Testing

We recommend that you break your site into parts and cover as many possible use cases during testing and validation. Ensure testing covers:

  • The homepage

  • Collection pages

  • Product pages

  • Account pages

Common scenarios to check are:

  • Does the checkout flow work as expected?

  • Do all FAQs work?

  • Do all links work?

  • Are images displayed as expected?

  • Does signing up for your newsletter work?

  • Are search results displayed and sorted as expected?

In order to ensure the expected function for all users, we recommend testing is performed:

  • Logged in and logged out

  • Using different browsers

  • Using different devices

  • Both in normal and private browsing modes

  • If international traffic is expected, using a VPN to test region-specific popups and user flows

Performance Testing

Tools recommended for performance testing are:

Recommendations for optimizing performance and best practices can be found here.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing verifies usability as well as ensuring that your store can be used by people with disabilities.

Accessibility testing should include:

  • Testing your store using a screen reader

  • Ensuring forms use descriptive labels

  • Verifying that images are displayed with the alt tag

  • Headings are used and in order

Tools such as Lighthouse and HTML_CodeSniffer can be used for accessibility testing. See additional accessibility recommendations here.

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