Frontend Checkout Cart v3
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πŸ“˜ Note about BigCommerce

The new frontend-checkout v3 does not bring new features to stores using BigCommerce.

We have added support for managing a Cart with Shopify's Storefront API.

This new version of Carts is compatible with all Shogun Frontend storefront, however the Shopify Cart API is only available on frontend-checkout v3.

Current Shogun Frontend customers will stay on the legacy frontend-checkout v2 until they opt to migrate to frontend-checkout v3. New customers will use frontend-checkout v3 by default.

Key differences


Cart actions API

frontend-checkout v3.3.1+

Shopify Cart API

frontend-checkout v2.13.6 and below

Shopify Checkout API


Migrate to our latest version of frontend-checkout to leverage Shopify's Cart API and get access to Shopify's latest features, like:

  • Bot Protection prevents bots from purchasing your products and ensures that your customers can make purchases

  • Access to a product's Selling Plan Data

  • Create an unlimited number of Carts during high traffic events and ensure each shopper can checkout

  • Use the latest version of our integration

Persistent Trade-Offs

Please consider these differences when choosing between the Cart API and Checkout API:

  • Using Shopify's Checkout API, Shopify preserves Abandoned Carts for 3 months. However with the Cart API, Shopify will only preserve Abandon Carts for 10 days.

  • Using the Cart API, Custom Scripts are not currently supported in a Cart, however they are still applied at checkout. Learn more about Custom Scripts here.

    • This limitation will exist until Shopify adds support for this feature. Please reach out to your Merchant Success Manager at Shopify to request this feature.

One-Off Migration Trade-Offs

If you have a live store using the Checkout API and want to upgrade to the Cart API, all your store's carts will be reset.

  • Current shoppers will have their carts reset once they reload your store

  • Any existing Abandoned Carts will be reset when those users return back to your store

Therefore, consider coordinating this migrations at a time of low traffic, and consider pausing your Cart Abandonment campaigns briefly during migration.

How to Migrate

Because this is a potentially destructive action, we do not allow for the ability to manage the version of frontend-checkout via our Dependency Manager.

To migrate to frontend-checkout v3, please contact Shogun Support.

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