Save time. All inquiries will automatically be in your system
Be professional. Never lose an inquiry in your inbox again.

  • Better insight on how many inquiries you get and how many convert to a booking.
  • Quickly follow up with a sequence of emails that you already put in your workflow.
  • Easy to refer other colleagues and provide a service instead of a negative answer when you are not available (weddings only).


Click on Website Form in the menu.

You will see three tabs with three ways to integrate your form.

 You will see three tabs with three ways to integrate your form.

Here is a short explanation for each, after you decide which option is best for you go to the appropriate tutorial for more information.

  1. Integrated in your website - Very easy to install and customize to your look and feel. It will feel and behave like part of your website for your visitors. 
  2. Hosted by ShootZilla - Easiest to install. The Website Form will be hosted on our servers. You can customize the look and feel but your visitors will be away from your website (i.e. not seeing your website menu etc). 
  3. Email integration - If you have a form builder (like for example Contact form 7 plugin for Wordpress) that you really like, you can choose to customize your email output of that form and have it send by email to ShootZilla. Little bit more difficult to set up and look & feel will be configured in your form builder software.
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