Integration via HTML in your website using an iframe

Click 'Event Type'

Choose which jobs to show in your form

  1. Choose which workflows you want to show your website visitors in your contact form.
  2. Choose if they can also contact you with general questions.
  3. Choose the type of job that your website visitors should see by default.

If you only want to offer one type of workflow for users and not show this as a question in your form use the method 'email integration' for your website form.

Required fields

There are three required fields to be able to create a job automatically. It is not possible to mark those 'Hidden' like the others.

Optional fields

Choose which other fields you want in your contact form. Make them 'hidden' if you don't want to use them.

Thank you page for your website visitor

If you have a page on your website where you want to lead people after they have made their inquiry with you, you can list that page here.

Excellent for measuring conversions for Ads for example (you can put the goal conversion pixel on that thank you page).

You can leave it empty if you don't use a separate thank you page.
Your website visitors will see a small note with your confirmation message after submitting the form.

Customise the look and feel

You can use CSS code to customize the look and feel of your contact form to match the rest of your website. If you have no idea how to get the right code, so your form matches your website, we have created some CSS code examples for you.


Click 'Done editing'

Integrate in your website on the contact page

Copy the iframe HTML code and paste it into the HTML code of the contact page of your website.


If you have a few fields set to 'Hidden' there might be some empty space showing beneath your form.

When you inserted the iframe in your contact form, you would see a html line with width and height attributes in it.

You probably need to experiment with the max height property to see what is the best height in your page with the fields that you have chosen to show your visitors. Change the height property in that line (see image below) and save the changes to your contact page. The normal value is 1100px and I changed it to 700px in below example.

Make sure to test it on a phone to see if the submit button is still showing on a smaller screen after adjusting the height.
When you later decide to add a field to your contact form, be sure to adjust the height again or people might not be able to access the submit button.

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