Note: Contact Form 7 doesn’t store submitted messages anywhere. Therefore, you may lose important messages forever if your mail server has issues or you make a mistake in mail configuration. Check this article on how to prevent that with another WordPress plugin Flamingo.

Connect Contact Form 7 with ShootZilla

Go to "Website Form" in the menu.

Click the tab 'Email integration'

Select the email address and press CMD + C (on Mac) or CTRL + C (on Windows)...

Go to your Contact Form 7 plugin in your wordpress website

Login to your Wordpress website

Go to Plugins

Click 'Settings' to edit your Contact Form 7

Edit your existing form or click 'Add New'

  • Add the email address that you copied from ShootZilla to the field To: in the section Mail.
  • Recommended: Add your regular email address as well so you always receive a copy there too. Just add a comma between the two email addresses.

The Contact Form 7 page layout explained

  1. Form - this is the actual form that your website visitors see on your contact page.
  2. Generate Tag - this is where you create extra fields for your form. After you create a field you copy a line of code to the form (1) ànd a line of code to the message body (4).
  3. Mail - some fields regarding emailing your inquiry.
  4. Message body - the content of the inquiry email that is send when someone fills out your form on your website. This will be send to your ShootZilla account now (and ShootZilla will send you a copy as well).

The Message body that Contact Form 7 sends to ShootZilla

ShootZilla can automatically match some of the fields from your contact form to create a job. ShootZilla can only do that if you use the following labels in the Message body:

  • Event type: the workflow that ShootZilla uses when creating a new job from this inquiry
  • Name: ShootZilla will use this as the first name
  • Email Address: email address
  • Phone Number: phone number
  • Shoot Date: ShootZilla will use this as the shoot date for your job. Don't worry, you can call it "wedding date", or "preferred date for photosession" or "due date for your baby" on the website form for your visitor. The format of the shootdate should match the format of the date in your ShootZilla profile.
  • Location: the wedding venue
  • Referrer: referrer

All other fields that you want to present your website visitor in your contact form will end up in the notes of the job that will be created.

Adding the Event type field to your form

Let's start with creating the Event Type field. 

This is the most important field in your form for ShootZilla since that will determine what kind of workflow will be attached to the job that is created.

Click on 'Generate Tag' and select 'Drop-down menu'.

Fill the names of your workflows in the field Choices

The names of the workflows have to be an exact match with your workflow names or your email will not be recognized. Your website visitor will see the names you have created for your workflows so make sure they are visitor friendly.

You can change the names of your workflows in the 'workflow settings'

When ShootZilla can create a job but doesn't recognize a certain field, it will add the information to the notes in your job. 

When ShootZilla doesn't recognize the workflow names, it will just send your inquiry straight to your email address (you can change your email address in profile settings) and it will not create a job for you in ShootZilla.

Copy the code to the form on the left.

This way you will create your contact form that your visitors will see on your website. After copy / pasting the code you have to add the html code for the label manually. e.g. : <code><p>What kind of photography are you interested in?
 [select eventtype "wedding" "portrait" "engagement" "newborn" "other"] </p></code>

Copy the mail field code to the Message body in the bottom.

This way you are creating the email that will be send to ShootZilla.

Add the label that ShootZilla will recognize in front of the code in the message body.

So for the workflows you will put:

Event type: [code]

And for email address you will enter:

Email address: [code]

An example of the email output that ShootZilla can recognize for a new job will look like this:

Note that the names between the [hooks] will probably be different for you.

Adding a wedding date field in your form

We have experimented with the native date field in Contact Form 7 plugin and with the extra plugin Contact Form 7 datepicker. 

Both were buggy on different browsers and caused problems for website visitors to enter the correct date. You want to avoid any hurdles in getting that inquiry in your mailbox, so we decided to just use a plain text field for the shoot date. 

The extra advantage here is that your website visitors can also enter something like 'date is not set yet'.

  • Start with 'Generate Tag'
  • Click 'Text field'

Look up what date format you are using in your ShootZilla profile settings.

  1. Fill in a descriptive name
  2. Fill your date format in field 'Default value'
  3. Check the box 'Use this text as placeholder?'
  4. Copy the generated code after completing steps 1-3

Paste the code in the form square on the left

  • Add your label + date format, so your website visitors will know how to enter their date.
  • Add the HTML tags just like how the other fields have them.

Copy the shorter code at the bottom

And paste it in the message body area

Add the label 'Shoot date:' before the code so ShootZilla will understand that is the shoot date.

Rinse and repeat for all the fields you want to have in your form.

Example email message body with all the fields that ShootZilla will use in your job.

If you only do one type of shoot or you have different contact forms for every type of shoot you do, you don't have to have a drop down field for Event type. You can just add the name of your workflow to your message body.

Note that the names between the [hooks] will probably be different for you.

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