Log in to your Squarespace admin website.

Go to your contact page that has the website form.

Click on Edit

Click again on Edit right above the form fields. 

Match Squarespace Form Fields with ShootZilla

Now you see all the form fields.

It is important to name some of the fields so that ShootZilla will recognize them. If you add the 4 fields below with the exact names, ShootZilla will create a contact with those details for you. 

If you use different names for the fields the Job will be created with all the information of the inquiry in the notes and you will have to create the contact manually. 

The fields ShootZilla can recognize for you are:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Referrer

Create a Hidden Field

Now we need to make sure ShootZilla will create a Job from each inquiry with the right workflow.

Add a new Hidden field. 

Click the add field button with the + sign at the bottom of the list. 

Choose 'hidden'.

Fill in this exact line:

Event type: name of your workflow

Click 'Apply'.

Now ShootZilla can recognize an inquiry from your website and add them to your Jobs overview with the workflow 'Senior 2017' (and in your case that will probably be a different workflow). 

Adding the email address

One last step is to add the email address of ShootZilla to make Squarespace send the inquiry to the right address. 

Go to ShootZilla menu 'Website Form'. 

Click tab 'Email Integration'.

Copy the email address listed there. 

Go to tab 'Storage' in Squarespace Edit Form window. 

Click on the 'x' next to Email to enter the email address that you copied from ShootZilla.

Click 'Apply'.

Change your workflow name

Because this is a bit of a workaround since we can not change the format in which Squarespace sends the email we have to make one final tweak. 

In ShootZilla go to your workflow and add a ':' behind the workflow name. 

This way ShootZilla will recognize the workflow and create the right Job for you. 


Always test if your enquiries arrive in ShootZilla. 


If you receive an email notification but you don't see the job appear in ShootZilla, there is a problem with recognizing the workflow name. Check if you copied the exact workflow name.

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