If you have multiple websites and multiple workflows you may want to create multiple website contact forms that each create the appropriate job in ShootZilla.

You can achieve that by using the 'email integration' method for your website contact form.

Make sure that the email that is going to ShootZilla has the correct Event type prefilled in the email.

When you use Contact Form 7 plugin, that looks like this:

  1. No mentioning of 'Event types' or 'Type of Shoot' in the form for your website visitors.
  2. Prefilled Event type in the email body. So ShootZilla knows what kind of job to create. This Event type has to match the name of your workflow that you use for weddings.

So when you create a new website or landing page to collect inquiries for example for mini love shoots, you can create a dedicated contact form for that. And make it show up on the correct job in ShootZilla.

That will look like this:

  1. Again not bothering your customer with a question of 'what shoot are you interested in?' since you made the website dedicated to one type of shoot.
  2. And prefilling the workflow name as the Event type in the email body.

That's it; you're done!

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