Email integration

If you have a special form in your website that you want to use, you can try the email integration method to get your inquiries in ShootZilla automatically. 

For this to work you need to be able to modify the email that is sent to ShootZilla. 

The email needs to have a certain format

For ShootZilla to be able to process your inquiries, the text in the email needs to be like the example below.

You can always have more fields in your contact form, but ShootZilla is only matching the ones below to the corresponding job fields in ShootZilla.

Example email

An example email that ShootZilla could convert to a job.

Your new job automatically in ShootZilla

Your new job is listed in your Jobs overview as a lead (light blue).

When the shoot date is sent in a regular date format, ShootZilla will recognize that as well.

In the Job Details screen you can see all the fields from the contact are already filled.

And the first note is created with the contents of your website contact form.

You will also receive a notification of this inquiry in your email inbox

If you create some gorgeous follow-up emails in your workflow template (due date 0 days after inquiry), you can follow up from now on with three clicks, from wherever you are!

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