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Microsoft Ads: Create A Universal Event Tracking Tag (UET)
Microsoft Ads: Create A Universal Event Tracking Tag (UET)

Create a Microsoft Ads UET Tag

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Creating the UET Tag and ultimately adding it to your site will open up the next level of functionality with Microsoft Ads. Some of which include:

  • Tracking Conversions from your Microsoft Ads account, this goes for all campaign types.

  • Validating your site to allow you to create a Microsoft Merchant Center Store which is required for creating Shopping campaigns.

  • It also will track how visitors interact with your site so that you can build audiences in Microsoft Ads to better optimize the Return on Ad Spend of your campaigns.

Now let’s get started.

Stage 1

Go to Microsoft Ads  and login to your account.

  1. Select Tools

  2. Select UET Tag

  3. Select Create UET Tag

Now most Microsoft Advertising accounts are used for one site, in which case you only need one UET Tag. If you are using one Microsoft Ads account to run campaigns for multiple sites you’ll want to create one UET Tag per each site. 

Stage 2

  1. Enter a name for your UET Tag.

  2. Enter a description for your UET Tag. (suggest the name of your site)

  3. Select Save.

We’ll cover adding your UET Tag to your site is another session.

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