Direct Managers are accounts that aggregate access to sub accounts primarily for two purposes.

The first is if you have multiple Microsoft Ads accounts, usually one for each site you advertise. In this case, you would link all of them to the same Manager Account so you only need to login once to access any of the accounts.

The second reason is to allow an agency or other service provider access your account securely without sharing your username and password.

So let's get started.

Now if you are an admin, you should have received an email that provides a direct link to approve access, but we are going to cover how to complete the linking in case that email is missed.

1. Start at Microsoft Advertising and Sign In as the account being added to the Direct Manager Account.

2. Once logged in, select Account at the top, then select the Manager Account. This brings you to the Accounts page.

3. Select Accounts Summary

4. Select Requests. Make sure you are viewing the Received requests.

5. Select the Account, then select the Link to accounts.

6. Select Accept request

7. Select Approve.

Your Microsoft Ads account is now linked to a Direct Manager account.

Quick note, for whatever reason, there is a bit of delay in the UI on the Direct Manager side after the linking is complete. It can take up to 24hours for everything smooth out so be patient

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