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Microsoft Ads: Place your UET Tag on your Wix Site
Microsoft Ads: Place your UET Tag on your Wix Site

Place your Microsoft Ads UET Tag on your Wix Site

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In this session we are going to cover adding your Microsoft Universal Event Tracking (UET) Tag to your Wix site.

Now let’s get started.

Stage 1

  1. Go to Microsoft Ads and login to your account.

  2. Select Tools

  3. Select UET Tag

  4. Select the UET Tag for the site you plan to place it on.

  5. Select Copy.

  6. Copy the code in the pop up window.

  7. Now head over to your Wix site and login to the admin area.

  8. Select your site

  9. Select Settings

  10. Scroll down to Advanced

  11. Select Custom code

  12. Select Add Custom Code

  13. Under the Code Settings Tab

  14. Paste the UET code into Paste the code snippet here box

  15. For Name, enter Microsoft Ads UET Tag

  16. For Add Code to Pages: Select All pages and set to load code once

  17. For Place Code in: select Head

  18. Select Apply

  19. Select the other tab Code Type

  20. Select the Marketing option

  21. Select Apply

  22. You can now close the window

Stage 2

The last step is to head back to your Microsoft Ads account and confirm the verification of your UET Tag.

Verification of your UET tag will not be instant. It usually takes about 2 business days for verification. You will know this step is complete when the tracking status changes from unverified to Tag Active.

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