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Microsoft Ads: Conversion and Revenue Tracking for Wix
Microsoft Ads: Conversion and Revenue Tracking for Wix

Track Microsoft Ads Conversion and Revenue from your Wix Site

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In this session we'll cover adding proper Microsoft Ads conversion and revenue tracking code to your Wix site.

Now let’s get started.

Track Conversions & Revenue

  1. Login to your Wix sited go to the admin area.

  2. Select your site

  3. Select Apps

  4. Select Feed for Microsoft Ads

  5. Select Settings

  6. Scroll down to Wix Revenue Tracking

  7. Copy the code

  8. Select Settings for your site

  9. Scroll down to Advanced

  10. Select Custom code

  11. Select Add Custom Code

  12. Under the Code Settings Tab

  13. In Paste the code snippet here box, place the Revenue Tacking Code which is in the settings of the Microsoft Feed App.

  14. For Name, enter Microsoft Ads Revenue Tracking

  15. For Add Code to Pages: Select Choose specific pages and select the Thank You Page

  16. For Place Code in: select Head

  17. Now select the other tab Code Type

  18. Select the Marketing option

  19. Select Apply

Your Wix site is now all set to report conversions and revenue back to Microsoft Ads for all available campaigns types.

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