One page to drive all your traffic

Nowadays, making a good product is not enough. It loses value when there is no one to buy it, and reaching the right audience is even more difficult than producing anything. Meet Shorby - the tool to take you to the next level of audience engagement!

Perfectly built for online marketers, Shorby allows to make a micro landing page in a few minutes and lead all of the visitors to the right product with no distractions.

The simplicity of this service is the key to your success. Seriously. Open Shorby, add links, put direct ways to contact you, and you are ready to reach more people!

3 reasons why Shorby is the most straightforward page builder ever:

  1. Automated recognition for links. When you add a link, Shorby identifies if there is an image or a video, finds and creates a title for you. 
  2. Built-in fancy design. You don’t need to waste time on choosing fonts or themes, just select colors you find the most suitable and share your page!
  3. Update in a minute. You may add/edit/remove all insights quickly. Once you do it, the link will be updated everywhere you placed it.

Also, there are some advanced tools to increase the engagement. Highlight the link to your new or bestseller product - the animated button will attract more attention.

Choose the best appearance for anything you share with Rich Links - buttons with images help your visitors to turn into your buyers quicker.

Manage everyone who visited your page with the Tracking feature. Shorby collects all of the clicks, and you just need to add a pixel (or the whole set of different pixels) to control and get the audience back with ads.

Your Shorby page may become a perfect bridge between you and your audience! 

Still not sure if you need to use it? Shorby also has the rewarding system, which starts from the $30 credits just the for sign up!
You don't want to miss an opportunity to earn, do you?

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