How does Ad Builder work?

Your overview of how our network finds and advertises to potential fans

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Updated over a week ago Ad Builder makes it easy for you to create ads, and run the ads online. But how do the ads actually work?

Step 1: Your setup

The first step to any successful ad run is your setup - this is what tells us where to serve your ad when to serve it, how much to serve it and to whom.

You'll create your ad with domain targets & genre selection (where you're advertising), your run dates (when you're advertising), your budget (how much to serve your ad), and your geo-targets (to whom you are advertising).

Step 2: Audits

Every ad published on is audited by either a person or an AI (sometimes both) to ensure that your ad meets advertising guidelines. Almost all ads pass audits - especially our Interactive Banner Ads.

Step 3: Some math

Once you set up your campaign, we take your budget and divide it across the number of days & number of geo-targets in your campaign to get your daily budget per territory.

Step 4: Buying Ad Space

During your ad run, we look for engaged music fans browsing on our network of sites in the territories that you selected. Once we identify a music fan that meets the criteria, we use your daily budget per territory to serve your ad to that person. Most of the time, we buy that spot and your ad is served, but sometimes if your daily per territory budget is too low, we can't buy that spot and we move on to the next.

Step 5: Optimization

As your ad runs, we identify different places where we can make your ad perform better. Maybe your daily per territory budget was too low yesterday, so we take what was leftover and increase your budget for today. Or, maybe you uploaded multiple banner ads, and one is performing WAY better than expected. We'll adjust your ad to run that size more often.

Step 6: Ad Run Complete

Once your ad run is complete, we make sure that your stats are correct, then 48 hours after your ad run is complete, we add any of your leftover spend back to your account for you to use on your next ad. If you'd rather request a refund back to your card, you can contact support at this time.

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