Did you know that most Show.co Ads will have a little spend left over?

Think of setting up and paying for your ad as giving someone $50 to go grocery shopping for you. You're sending them with a whole dollar amount, but most likely your total isn't going to come to exactly 50 dollars and 0 cents.

When we serve your ad on a website, it's a bit like adding an item to a grocery cart. We know that we have X number of dollars to spend, so we add the items you want that match your price. When we're done, we come back and give you your change.

Just like when you send someone to the store with cash, you'll usually get a dollar or two back. However, sometimes we don't have the budget to buy all the items (or in this case ad space) we'd like. This happens if you have a smaller budget and a long date range, lots of territory selections, or both.

In either case, we return your leftover spend to your Show.co account 48 hours after your ad campaign ends. You can then either use the leftovers for another campaign or write us to ask for a refund.

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