Every ad submitted on Show.co Ad Builder is audited by a human, an AI, or both! Ads are audited to ensure that they meet publisher guidelines, so in rare cases, you may see that your ad did not pass the audit.

Here are the most common reasons why an ad would not pass audit:

  • Lacks Call to Action

    • Your ad doesn't say what someone should do when they click on your ad. Common Calls to Action are Listen Now, Click Now, Stream Now, or even Check It Out!

  • Lacks Branding

    • It's not obvious who you are. Make sure to include branding such as your artist name and release title.

  • Does not contain a voiceover (for audio ads)

    • Your audio must contain a voiceover for your audio ads! Introduce yourself & the music you're playing in your ad.

  • The offer isn’t obvious

    • It's not obvious what you are advertising. You don't have to advertise a specific release or song, but make sure that people know what they are clicking on.

      • If you want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, describe what your channel is

        • ex. "New acoustic covers out every week"

  • Destination URL doesn’t resolve

    • Someone can't access the URL you entered as your destination URL. This usually means there is a typo in your URL, but it could also mean that you are directing to a site that is not secure.

Here are less common content-related reasons why your ad may be rejected:

  • Pornography, Nudity, Obscenity, or other “Adult” Content

  • Hate Speech or Defamatory Language

  • Sale of, or instructions for creating, guns, bombs, ammunition, or weapons

  • Displaying fake errors to induce user action, or messaging that implies knowledge of a user’s computer or operating system

  • Sale of drugs, illegal pharmaceuticals, or paraphernalia

  • Charging for government forms and services

  • Enabling or Permitting Piracy

  • Misappropriation of Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, or Patent

  • Executes or Downloads Files without User Interaction

  • Content that intends to, or does, induce user action through misleading appearance or behavior, including, but not limited to, creatives that mimic video players, functional buttons, errors or warnings about viruses, missing codecs, and corrupt disks.

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