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Not sure how impressions, clicks & engagements are different? Look no further!

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Glossary of Ad Terms

Total Amount Spent = How much we've spent of your original budget.

Total Impressions = How many times your ad was shown on a certain website

Total Clicks = How many times someone clicked to your destination URL

Total Engagement = The total clicks to your destination URL + the number of times someone clicked play on your Interactive Ad

Click-Through Rate (CTR) = This number is the percentage of people who clicked on your ad compared to the number of impressions

Cost per Click (CPC) = How much of the client budget an advertiser uses from a publisher (such as for every click on an ad

Cost per Mille (CPM) = How much advertisers pay per 1,000 impressions an ad receives

Reading your Stats

When you click on your ad, you will see all the information about your ad summarized, including all the information you entered when you signed up your ad. The important parts to look for are:

  • Total Amount Spent

  • Total Impressions

  • Total Clicks

  • Total Engagement

  • Click-Through Rate

  • Cost per Click

In addition to your stats summarized, you will see a detailed report of all the websites your ad was served on, as well as how many clicks occurred on each site. While we won't use the detailed information to evaluate your ad performance, this information can be helpful when targeting users' interests in social media ads.

Evaluating Your Banner or Interactive Ad Performance

Let's go over how to tell if your ad run is going well! To evaluate how your ad run is going, we'll want to compare your most important stats (CPM and CPC) to advertising benchmarks. These benchmarks take data from millions of dollars in ad spend and create a standard you can use to evaluate your ad.

Below is a link you can use to compare your Banner Ad or Interactive Ad to industry benchmarks. This calculator will automatically calculate your CPM, then will give you an estimate of how many more (or less) impressions and clicks you got for your spend compared to similar ad types.

Interactive Ad Evaluation

Beyond the calculator above, there's one more metric you will want to look at if you are running an Interactive Ad. That is your Total Engagements. Instead of thinking about hitting a goal of a certain ratio of Clicks to Total Enagagements, use Total Engagements as a measure of interest on your ad.

If your Total Engagement and Total Clicks number is similar, fans may have clicked to your destination more often than they hit play on your player. This could mean that your ad was intriguing enough to click right away, or that fan wanted to learn more about you before listening to your music.

If your Total Engagements are about double your Total Clicks, people who hit play player were likely to click to your destination. This could mean that they enjoyed the content in your player so much, they wanted to learn more about you.

If your Total Engagements are more than double your Total Clicks, people hit play on your player were more likely to engage with your player than with your destination URL. This could mean that your audience didn't fully engage with your content. We suggest trying another track or video in your next ad.

None of these ratios are good or bad. They're simply ways to understand how people react to your content and presentation. It also allows you to adjust your content presentation to meet your goals!


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