We want to make sure that we don't use your whole budget right off the bat. To start, we evenly divide your budget by territory and day. To get a rough estimate on how much we allocate per day per territory for your ad, divide your spend (minus audit fees) by the number of territories you selected. Then divide by the number of days your ad is running. Here's an example:

Person A has an ad that is targeted to California, New York, and Oregon and is running for 2 days. Their total budget minus audit fees is $120

Their formula for their estimated spend per territory per day is:

$120 / 2 Territories = $60 per territory

$60 per territory / 2 days = $30 per territory per day

Reminder! The math can get a bit more complicated in practice with both spend rollover and with our safeguards to ensure that your ad doesn't overspend. This is a rough estimate for you to check that your ad is performing as planned. If your ad run completes with 90-95% of your budget used, you were right on track!

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