This is for a couple reasons, and it has a lot to do with how fans listen to music on our partner sites.


The cost per impression on an audio ad is higher because you have a captive audience. Listeners on ad-supported plans must hear your ad to continue listening to their music. It's a super valuable placement!


Think about when you listen to streaming services. You're probably at work, at the gym, driving, cooking dinner, having a dance party, etc. Most people who are listening to streaming services aren't actively looking at their screen. And that's not a bad thing! Cost per click is higher because users are less likely to be active on their device. While CPC may be higher, we do know that users who like your ad tend to look you up later. That's why it's super important to identify yourself and your release in your ad voiceover.

Looking for an audio experience with banner ad CPM / CPC? Use Interactive Ads! You can embed a track from Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud or a music video from YouTube right in your ad!

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