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I'm not seeing results, should I be worried?
I'm not seeing results, should I be worried?
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There are several reasons why you might not see results on your ad yet. Some are totally normal, and some may require you to contact us.

Check your Ad Status by clicking "Ad Builder" in your account, then clicking the ad you would like to check on. Your ad status will be in the upper portion of the summary under the title.

If your status is pending

Your ad has not yet been audited. Audits typically take 24-48 hours, but can sometimes take as long as 72 hours. If your ad has been pending for over 72 hours, please click "Support" in your account and let us know.

If your status is scheduled

Your ad start date is in the future! Your ad has been audited and is ready to start on the date you selected.

If your status is inactive

If your status is Inactive and you see no results, please contact our support team by emailing It's possible that your ad failed an audit, was stopped or ran into some other trouble. Our support team will get to the bottom of the issue and help you restart your ad.

If your status is active

Your ad is running! There may be a couple of reasons why an active ad isn't showing stats.

If your status is active and...

It has not been 24 hours since your scheduled start date:

You may not see ad stats in the first 24 hours of your ad run - that's totally fine! Check back tomorrow and you should see an update.

It has been over 24 hours since your scheduled start date:

Your targeting may be so broad that your spend is diluted and you aren't getting placements or your targeting may be so narrow that there aren't enough people in your target audience to whom we can serve ads.

Your ad spend rolls over daily so if your targeting is too broad, you'll have more buying power the next day

An example of too wide of a target would be if you selected the minimum budget, but the maximum number of days.

Too narrow of a target would be running an ad for a single day, or to 1 or 2 specific cities.

If you want some recommendations for the best setup for your budget, check out our calculator here

We will reissue any unused spend as credit 48 hours after your ad run completes. if your targeting is too narrow, you can always let your ad run, and try again with a broader audience.

Targeting can be tricky! If you're not sure how to target, or you'd like to stop your ad and try again, you can always stop your ad by clicking the stop button in the upper right-hand corner of your ad summary

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