There are 2 main types of ads that runs, one is Display and one is In-App Audio. Let's break them down

Display Ads

Display ads are a type of ad that is shown when someone is browsing a website. You're probably pretty familiar with these! They look something like this:

You can run 2 types of Display Ads on

  • Interactive Ads (also known as HTML5 display ads) are a type of banner ad that is embedded with an interactive widget. They will be seen on websites along with the site content. Visitors will be able to click "Play" on your ad right from the site they are already on. They can be targeted to US & International markets.

  • Banner ads (also known as display ads) are the image-based advertisements you see on web pages, supplementing the site’s main content. Banner ads can be targeted to US or International markets.

  • Audio ads are similar to ads you hear on the radio. Audio Ads are 30-second audio recordings that will be heard by users of Spotify and iHeartRadio in the USA. With Ad Builder, you can target your ads by genre or playlist.

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