There are multiple ways to improve the performance of your ad as well as the potential reach of your ad campaign. Your budget is the most important factor in your ad run. Your budget determines your daily buying power, which determines the sites on which your ad will serve. If your daily buying power is too low, you could be missing out on placements.

Of course, you can increase your daily buying power by increasing your budget. If increasing your budget isn't an option for you, you can still have a winning campaign!

The secret is to have a balance of website targets, geo-targets, and the number of days in your ad run.

We have a couple of ways to help you optimize your per-day buying power.

If you need a suggestion for which ad type to select, take our "What Ad Type is Right for You" quiz here

If you want to find the ideal run budget for your campaign setup, you can check out our calculator here.

If you want us to suggest a campaign set up based on your budget & website targets, use our calculator here

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