1.) You must first have your content ready to upload. You will need:

  • 640x640 JPEG or PNG file banner to accompany your audio ad

    • File size cannot exceed 500KB

  • 30s WAV or MP3 file (File size cannot exceed 6MB)

    • Your audio file must include a voiceover!

    • Here's a sample script if you need some help:

      • "Hi, this is [Artist Name] and you're listening to my/our track [song name]. Click the banner to [Action you want to take] for [incentive]"

      • Fully filled out it might look like

        • "Hey this is Mt. Zena and you're listening to our track You Won't Win. Click the banner to follow us for more tracks in the bubblegum hardcore genre."

You will also need to link to a destination URL. A destination URL is the web page, video, audio, or other online content that you will send your audience to when they click on your advertising banner (yes, audio ads need a destination URL too). Your destination URL must be live and verified at the time you create your ad campaign. No shortened links, please!

Please note, the destination URL for your Audio Ads cannot be directed to a competitor service. So, for instance, you cannot use an audio ad on Spotify to link to your music on YouTube or iTunes.

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