March 11, 2020

  • Customers: You can now bulk add or delete Customer Groups and Potential Brands without overwriting the current tags.
  • Orders: Added active $ column in the orders list view
  • Orders: In purchase orders, products with no delivery dates set will be grouped together under "Delivery dates: N/A"
  • Quick Emails - In the Customers and Brands tab, you'll be able see the cc: recipients in email list view by hovering over the recipients column and in email preview.
  • Collections: You can now delete products by deleting the group it belongs to. If the product has orders, it will automatically be archived.
  • Online Showroom: Your customers will now be able to select the Ship and Cancel Date. You can enable this option by going to Company Settings >Online Showrooms >Ship Date Options.
  • Reports:  We have updated how “Booked $” and "Active $" is formulated by taking out "Shipping $" in the calculation.

Booked $ = Subtotal - Discount

Active $ = Subtotal - Discount - Cancelled $.

  • Reports >Orders List: Orders can be opened directly in this report by clicking on the order number.
  • Online Showroom: Fixed a bug with the invite link and set a password page where customers were not able to click in. 

January 6, 2020

  • Purchase Orders: Added Customer ID and MSRP on the pdf
  • Emails: Increased attachment limit to 20 MB
  • Online Showroom: Collection attachments have been updated to show newest to oldest upload
  • Reports: In various reports, Users will be able to access a customer’s profile page by clicking on the customer’s name.
  • Forecast Reports: Reports now shows the total for each brand or sales rep
  • Fixed an issue with for appointments where users were not getting reminder emails
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate orders where products which were archived or in archived collections duplicated in different order and without images
  • Fixed an issue with appointment times sorting out of order
  • Fixed an issue with png images appearing dark on the line sheets

April 30, 2019

  • You can now Bulk Delete products within a Collection group
  • You can now filter the Dashboard Activity by Sales Rep
  • A new type of customer record ("Prospect") is now available
  • More detail is now shown in Activity entries for adding and editing orders
  • Fixed an issue where the date/time picker was not working in newer version of Chrome Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the Call Status does not properly change after adding a note
  • Fixed an issue where image orientation was sometimes incorrect due to EXIF data

November 29, 2018

  • Export PO's into an excel format - you can now export Purchase Orders to an excel by going to Reports > Order List > Excel : Export PO's
  • Showroom > Allow customers to see all orders that have been placed including through the admin side. Go to Company Settings > Online Showroom > Customer Order Visibility = Show All Orders

November 14, 2018

  • Collections Import : Matching images to products. You can now match the product images to the product details. Read more about how to here
  • Linesheets : Choose the layout, size, amount of detail that your linesheet has on it when downloading as a PDF. You now have the option to show products in 8 different layouts! Click here to learn more about this feature.
  • Purchase Order Confirmation : You'll notice that the layout has changed around a little, but all of the same information is there. The idea was to make it a bit cleaner, and easier to read. 

October 11, 2018

  • Products: Associate a color to an alternate image - when you add colors to products, you can now link them to your alternate images! Add a color > save changes, and then select the color from the drop down underneath the images
  • Integrations (JOOR): If you use JOOR for any of your brands, you can now import orders into ShowroomHQ via Order Summary. Click here to learn how. 
  •  Showroom: Delivery Dates now show in details panel on the right as well as in the product detail light box.

September 19, 2018

  • Appointment : Stop By appointment reminder email - you can now set up an email reminder to send for stop by appointments. This will be found under Company Settings > Appointments. 
  • Product List Report : Filter by Category has been added
  • Purchase Order : Shipping/Charge $ field added 
  • Manufacturers is being reworded to "Divisions"

September 01, 2018

  • Customer Import : customer groups added - Customer Groups has been added a field to map when importing a customer list.
  • Bulk Email : Tool editor bar - You can now format your emails with fonts, color, and alignment.
  • Bulk Email (By Criteria) : filter option to show "Has Appointments/No Appointments" - You can now filter your customer list within bulk emails to pull those customers who either "have appointments or do not have appointments" for the current selling season. 
  • Showroom : Product Badges - Show your customers your "Best Sellers" by adding a badge to the product image. 

August 16, 2018

  • Order Import (Brandboom) - You can now export orders from Brandboom and import them into ShowroomHQ via CSV.  Stay tuned for more integrations coming down the pipeline!
  • Showroom : Rearrange collections - Change the order collections are displayed in the Showroom by brand. Go to the Brand > click the *new* collections tab > and drag and drop the collections to change the order. 
  • Showroom : Image download - Allow your customers to download images directly from the Showroom. This is controlled at the collection level - to turn this on, go to the collection > edit > "Download images in Showroom" > Save Changes.
  • Collections : Order directly from a linesheet - Linesheets will now have the ability to take customers directly to the Showroom to place an order. When the customer clicks on a product image it will take them to the Showroom login page, where they can login to browse the product in more detail. If they are not a customer in your customer list, it will allow them to register before placing an order. 
  • Bulk Email : Order from embedded images - When the customer clicks on a product image that's been added to the bulk email, it will take them to the Showroom login page, where they can login to browse the product in more detail. If they are not a customer in your customer list, it will allow them to register before placing an order. 
  • Commissions : added to user roles - You can now add commissions to individual sales reps. To set up commission per sales rep, go to your Company Settings > User > Edit > Commission %. 

August 2, 2018

  • Delivery Dates - You can now indicate the delivery dates for each group in a collection. When you write an order with products that have delivery dates set, those products will be grouped on your Purchase Order, organized by delivery date.
  • Collection Product Order - You can now automatically reorder products within a collection in alphabetical order.
  • Customer Sales Forecasting - Enter targets per brand/season for each customer, and track your team's sales progress with the Forecasting Report.
  • Showroom Updates  - You asked and we listened - the pink accent color has been removed from the Showroom, replaced by neutral tones. Also, if your company only has one brand, the Showroom will jump directly to your collections without clicking on the brand name.
  • Customer Import - The Customer Import now imports the Sales Rep field (the name must match an existing rep within the system.)
  • Terms of Sale - The terms of sale fields for Purchase Orders (and Brand defaults) has been expanded to allow 5000 characters to accommodate more legalese.
  • Sales by Product Report - You can now filter the Sales by Product report by Customer and Sales Rep.
  • Comparative Sales Report - You can now filter the Comparative Sales Report by Territory.
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