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Customers Map

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Customers Map

All of the customers and locations will be pinned onto the map, along with their active brands and street address. This is a great tool to use if you have a new potential client, where you type in their address to see if there are any other current customers in the area. 

  1. Type the address of a new customer into the "Type address to search" field. 

  2. Click Enter 

  3. The location of the address you typed in will show up pinned to the map

How to use Radius

  1. When you type an address into the search field (see instructions above) to show a radius around the customer click the "Show Radius" box

  2. Choose the distance of the radius around the pinned address (in miles or kilometers) 

  3. A radius in the specific distance chosen will appear

How to use Has Ordered

  1. Filter the customers pinned to the map by choosing to see certain brands within a specific season, year and customer group

  2. User the filters next to "Has Ordered" and select from the drop down lists

Choose whether or not you also wish to see or not see inactive customers pinned to the map, by clicking the box next to "Inactive Customers"  

Customer View - driving directions

Along with the map from the main menu, there is also a map inside the customer account page. It will show a "mini map" of your customer pinned, with it's multiple locations. If you need to use the map to see directions on how to get there, you can:

  1. Click on "directions" underneath "Locations". 

  2. This will open up a large map where you can type in the start point from the location address. 

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