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Add an Event

How to add an event

Written by Kim
Updated over a week ago

Unlike appointments, Events can only be created on the Appointments page. This is a general event that could either be company wide, or personal. Mark the days you are out of the office, or show the dates the company will be away at Market. 

Adding an Event: 

  1. From the Appointments Page > "Add Event" 

  2. Title > name the event (eg; Paul out of town )

  3. Color > choose the color that will appear on the appointment calendar to show the event

  4. Options > Choose if you would like to have a warning appear when others are booking appointments on this event day, completely block others from being able to book on this event day, or choose "none" - and allow appointments to be booked on this event 

  5. Start > Choose start date/time

  6. End > Choose end date/time

  7. All day event > check this box if the event it for multiple days all day

  8. Save Event 

*Note that events are company-wide and will appear on all calendars

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