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Add an Appointment
Add an Appointment

How to add an appointment

Written by Kim
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An appointment can be added from all of the following pages: 

  1. Appointments Page

  2. Main Menu > Create New 

  3. Customer View > Add Appoinment

Creating a new appointment: 

  1. Create New Appointment

  2. Customer > Choose the customer you're booking the appointment for *note that once you choose the customer brands will auto-fill to the customers "potential brands"

  3. Brands > Add the brands that they will be looking at 

  4. Start Date > Date and time that the appointment will start

  5. End Date > Date and time that the appointment will end

  6. Stop By > If the customer has not given a set time then check this box. It will grey out the time slot, but keep the date

  7. Season > Choose the season/year the line you are showing is for

  8. Update call status for (current selling season) to Booked > this will automatically change the status of the customer from "not called" to "done"

  9. Location > Add where the appointment will be held (eg; at the showroom, the Fairmont Hall C, Market etc.) *note that this is optional

  10. Sales Reps > Mark the sales reps that will be attending

  11. Contacts > Mark the contacts that will be attending the appointment

  12. Reminders > Send an appointment reminder to attendees, and sales reps prior to the appointment. Set the number of days before the appointment by typing into the field before "Days before the appointment".

    You can also use the "Send Reminder" button to send your customers an appointment confirmation email.

  • The "Send Reminder" button by the contact's name will send an email ONLY to the contact.

  • The "Resend reminders" button at the bottom of the contacts box will send an email to the contacts and sales reps (Note: The sales reps will get an email addressed to the company's name in lieu of "%RecipientFirstName%" or "%RecipientLastName%".)

    You can customize the email reminder template under company settings. Learn more here.

13. Notes > Add any additional details about the appointment into this field. This section can be used for internal notes (system default) or notes for your customers. If you want the notes to be visible to your customer, you'll need to ensure that the Notes variable (%Notes%) is in your appointment reminder email template (Go to Company Settings >Appointments).

14. Save & New > this will save the appointment and create a new blank page

15. Save & Close > this will save the appointment and close the appointment page

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