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Syncing Appointments Calendar
Syncing Appointments Calendar

Sync your appointment calendar to Google Calendar, iCalendar, Gmail

Written by Kim
Updated over a week ago

You can sync your appointment calendar to your main email calendar. This will allow you to see appointments booked that you will be attending as well as company wide events. Note that not the whole calendar will be synced, just the appointments that your name is checked off to attend, and the events in the calendar. 

To sync your appointment calendar: 

  1. Under appointments click the iCalendar button

  2. Copy the link provided

  3. Depending on what email provider you are using you would copy and paste the link into a new calendar that you'll need to create for the sync

Example using Google Calendar: 

Note :

  • If you want to edit the appointment, do so in the SHQ appointments calendar. If you edit the appointment from your personal calendar it will not sync back to the SHQ calendar. 

  • Our system generates a calendar script that goes from ShowroomHQ to your calendar program on every 4th minute (ie: 1:24, 1:34, 1:44) so you'll see updates within 10 minutes however, we can not control how often your calendar provider downloads our feed. If you use Google calendar, this can take up to 12 hours to refresh.

Tip :

Want to see all user's appointments in your calendar feed? Replace "/your username.ics" with "/company.ics".

For example:

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