Standard uniforms:

If your job requires specific uniform requirements, it’s best to include this in your job post to ensure that the Sidekicks who apply for the job can meet your request. 

Otherwise, we do request Sidekick’s come to their shift with the following standard uniforms:

  • Our standard uniforms for hospitality are white long sleeve shirts, black dress pants, and black leather shoes. 
  • For promotions jobs, our standard uniform is neat jeans, and a black or white t-shirt. 
  • For business admin jobs, we require smart business attire.

Uniform reviews:

Sidekicks are requested to wear their uniform to their onboarding appointment with us, and are only approved to access jobs on the platform if their uniform meets our high standards. 

We take a photo of Sidekicks at their onboarding to be used as profile photo on the site, and ensure that these pictures reflect our high grooming standards and give the client the best view of their Sidekick’s uniform and grooming standards.

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