If you want to hire a Sidekick for a full-time role, use Sidekicker’s Smart Hire feature.

How does Smart Hire work?

1. Navigate to ‘Your Sidekicks’ and you’ll find a list of all Sidekicks who have worked for your business. 

2. Find the Sidekick you wish to offer a full-time role, and click the ‘Offer Permanent Role’ link. 

3. This will notify our team of the request and we will give you a call to discuss. 

What is the cost of Smart Hire? 

If you're interested in learning more about the small placement fee for Smart Hire, please get in touch with us.

Australia: sales@sidekicker.com.au or 1800 882 694.
New Zealand: sales@sidekicker.co.nz or 0800 004 013.

What happens once I Smart Hire a Sidekick? 

The Sidekick now works directly for you which means you will now take care of all employment admin, payroll and compliance. 

You will no longer need to use Sidekicker to post jobs to this Sidekick and will liaise with them directly about their shifts and employment.

If you have any further questions, our support team are available every day between 5am-9pm AEST. Live-chat with us from your dashboard.

Want more out of Sidekicker? Book a 1:1 training session with us here. 

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