To ensure the quality of our staff, we have a rigorous application process, and some of the highest staff standards in the industry.

All staff have passed an interview with our team at Sidekicker which includes carefully crafted behavioural and skills-based questions. Each Sidekick has a detailed, rated and reviewed profile on the Sidekicker platform, with details about previous employers, duties and skills all available to clients. 

To ensure these high standards are maintained, we have have very strict expectations & internal policies about the behavior of staff at shifts. 

Providing Feedback about a Sidekick

At times, clients provide Sidekicker with feedback about Sidekicks. This can be captured on a Sidekick’s profile via the rating at completion of a job, or via private feedback to Sidekicker - to your Customer Success Manager, Sales Representative or private job feedback.

If a Sidekick receives private feedback from a client regarding quality issues, Sidekicker will record this internally and send a warning email to the Sidekick. This email will contain educational content to help the Sidekick improve performance for their next shift. If Sidekicker requires further information about the incident, the client may be asked to complete a feedback form.

If client feedback relates to a breach of the Sidekick Code of Conduct, such as unlawful behaviour, bullying, harassment, discrimination or intoxication, this will be investigated by Sidekicker and could lead to immediate deactivation of the Sidekick from the platform.

Serious Misconduct

Sidekicks are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner when dealing with all employers, Sidekicks and Sidekicker support staff. Sidekicker may deactivate a Sidekick who does not follow the Sidekick Code of Conduct. This could include unlawful behaviour; being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol while working; or bullying, discrimination or harassment.

It is unacceptable to bully, discriminate or harass Sidekicks, clients or Sidekicker support staff. This could include comments or actions that promote hatred or violence, comments that are derogatory towards any members of the community or comments or actions that cause distress or intimidation. Actions like these will be investigated by the team at Sidekicker and may result in deactivation of a Sidekick’s account.

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