Sidekicker is here to support you in the unlikely event there is an issue on your shift. 

If you spot a hazard, if you're injured on a shift, or if you witness or experience any form of bullying, discrimination or harassment please let us know by filling out this Sidekicker Incident Report . That way, we can make sure you're safe and enjoying your work with Sidekicker.

Other ways to report an issue:

If you feel comfortable enough to do so, make sure you also inform your manager or supervisor as soon as you can, particularly if your issue related to an injury or hazard.

To report your issue to Sidekicker, click on your profile picture in the Sidekicker app, and select the option to 'Report a workplace incident'. You can also access this here. You can choose to report an issue anonymously or to include your contact details.

If you require immediate assistance, you can also contact Sidekicker on 1800 665 035 (Aus) or 0800 003 998 (NZ).

What happens once you report an issue:

If you reported an issue to Sidekicker and chose to share your details, Sidekicker will give you a call to make sure you're ok and work with you to determine how we can support you.

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