The Live Requests page easily shows you all your current jobs live on the Sidekicker platform, and lets you easily navigate through the actions menu. 


Filters now easily guide you to what you’re looking for. Read more about how they work here

Job Statuses

Jobs are easily colour coded and broken down into our 4 job statuses - Open, Filled, Awaiting Timesheets, and Review & Complete. You can easily see and understand what steps you need to take next on your jobs from the live requests page. 

Open Jobs

You can quickly scan the job card to see the actions you need to take. The job card will show you a preview of the new applicants who’ve applied, your time left to select them, and how many Sidekicks you’ve already hired. 

Filled Jobs

Once you’ve finished hiring, your job will move to Filled. Here, you can see which of your users finished filling the job, the time and location of the job, and a quick preview of the Sidekicks you’ve hired. 

Awaiting Timesheets

Once the job has happened, Sidekicks will be prompted to enter their hours and complete the job on their end. While you wait for Sidekicks to do this, your job will be labelled ‘Awaiting Timesheets’. You can easily track how many timesheets have been submitted, and you will be notified when the job is ready for you to review and complete. 

Review and Complete

Once all timesheets have been submitted by Sidekicks, you’re able to review their hours and complete the job, and quickly see how many Sidekicks you have left to rate and review. 

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