Congratulations on your shift!

To ensure that Sidekicks attend their shifts, the day before your shift you will get a text from us asking you to confirm your shift. This text will arrive at approximately 10am. If we don't receive a reply, you will receive a follow up text at 2pm. 

If you fail to reply to our text confirming your shift, our support team will attempt to contact you. If we do not hear from you, you risk being removed from the shift. 

In some cases, we may keep a Sidekick assigned to a shift if they have shown to be reliable in the past. However, if you do not show up to your shift, your account will be at risk of cancellation. 

If you fail to respond and we are unable to contact you, we will withdraw you from the shift and your account will be penalised like a normal withdrawal. If you withdraw from too many shifts your account will be at risk of cancellation. 

If you are working a shift and unable to reply to our text, we request you contact our support team before 3pm the day before your shift to confirm. on 1800 882 694 (AU) or 0800 004 013 (NZ). Alternatively, you can message us through the chat bubble on your Sidekicker app to confirm or withdraw from your shift. 

For some shifts which are assigned at the last minute (under 48 hours), you may not receive a confirmation text. In this case, we request that you ensure you are aware of all the details of the shift and that you can attend the shift. Not showing up to a shift will result in an automatic deactivation of your Sidekicker account, pending investigation by our Sidekicker Experience team. 

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