Unfortunately there are occasions where shifts do not go ahead due to various extenuating circumstances. 

We understand this can be frustrating and luckily this is not a common occurrence. 

Due to the nature of the businesses that use Sidekicker, there may be some occasions when jobs will be cancelled. These normally stem from the operational requirements of the business changing for reasons such as decreased guest numbers, weather conditions, or the businesses' own staff becoming available to work the shift.

Unfortunately, Sidekicker is unable to offer reimbursement for cancelled shifts. As is made clear in your employment guidelines, Sidekicks are paid for the hours worked.

Our team works hard with our customers to ensure that we can predict and assist them with their staffing needs as best as possible, and we try and do our best to ensure that shifts aren't cancelled at short notice. 

If you're unsure if a shift you're assigned to is going ahead, please reach out to our support team via support@sidekicker.com.au

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