A job that you previously applied for may re-appear on the 'Open' jobs section of your Sidekicker account. This happens when jobs are re-opened. 

Jobs are re-opened primarily for two reasons:

  • Firstly, if the selected Sidekick who was previously hired for the shift contacts us to withdraw from the shift, we will re-open the shift for other available Sidekicks to apply for. If you'd previously applied for this job, you will be notified again letting you know you can re-apply.
  • Secondly, in some instances the client may realise that after selecting 4 staff for instance, they actually require 5 or 6 staff. In this case the Client will re-open the job and make further hires. 

In both of the above cases, even if your application was rejected the first time - you have just as much a chance (if not greater- considering the previous Sidekick either withdrew or the client needed more Sidekicks in addition to those selected) to be selected for a shift if it has been reposted to the same group.

We know this can be confusing and dis-heartening considering you may have not been selected for the shift in the first instance, but I would definitely encourage you to apply for these re-opened jobs if available to do so!

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