Your reliability score is an internal measure we use to understand how likely you are to withdraw from a shift.

Your reliability score will start off as 100%. Each time you withdraw from a shift, your score will be deducted by 10%. Our minimum allowance for a Sidekick’s reliability score is 80%, if your score drops below 80%, you will immediately lose access to the Sidekicker platform. It is your responsibility to be available for the shifts you have been approved for and if you are unable to do so then Sidekicker may not be the right fit for you. Please note that your reliability score will only take into consideration your last 10 shifts. 

Can a client see my Reliability score? 

No. Clients will be unable to view your Reliability score with Sidekicker. Your score will not affect your ability to view or apply for jobs on the platform, unless you have withdrawn from 3 or more shifts within a 10 shift period, where your account will be deactivated. 

How can I see my Reliability score?

You can contact us via the blue chat bubble on your Sidekicker app and we can provide you with your score. Your score will start off at 100% and you will lose 10% each time you withdraw. If your score drops below 80%, you will be deactivated from the Sidekicker platform. 

Does removing an application count towards my Reliability score?

No. If you have applied for a shift and would like to remove your application before you are approved, this will not count as a withdrawal and will not affect your overall Reliability score. 

How can I improve my Reliability score with Sidekicker?

The best way to improve your Reliability score with Sidekicker is to ensure that you are will be fully available for a shift before you are submit an application. You should also ensure that you have app notifications turned on so as soon as a client selects you, you will receive a push notification as well as an email to notify you of the selected shift. 

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