Sidekicker has expanded our offering into a new area, drivers, and we're looking for motivated Sidekicks to join the team.

As a Sidekick in this category, you'll get the opportunity to earn some great hourly rates, work full time or casual hours, and meet some awesome people while doing it!

What do I need to do?

To access work as a driver on Sidekicker, you will need to:

Step 1: Complete this form 

Step 2: Click on your state below for guidance on how to validate your licence:

  • VIC
  • NSW
  • QLD
  • WA
  • NT
  • SA
  • New Zealand: If you are located in NZ, simply send us a copy of your licence and we'll validate this for you.

Step 3:  Send a screenshot of your licence validation through to us using the blue Sidekicker chat bubble

Does a photo of my licence work as a validation?

A photo of your licence will not be accepted as proof of having a licence, unless it is accompanied by a screenshot of your licence validation. This is an extra security feature to check that the licence is current, authentic and linked to the correct personal details.

How often do I need to verify my licence?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are driving on a valid driver licence. 

You will also need to verify you licence every 6 months, as well as before your licence expires.

Can I drive in another state?

You are only eligible to drive in the state that your driver licence is issued in.

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