A student visa allows you to work 40 hours in any given fortnight, across all your employers combined. 

It is your responsibility to track how many hours you're working and to ensure you don't exceed the 40-hour limit.

If you need to withdraw from a shift on Sidekicker due to visa conditions, it will affect your reliability score. You should try to be proactive with managing your hours and ensure you withdraw your application for a job that would put you over the 40-hour limit before you are selected. If you withdraw your application before being selected, it will not affect your reliability score.

Each week is considered to be part of the proceeding fortnight as well as the upcoming fortnight. Confusing, right? 

You can see in the calendar above that fortnight one runs from the 1st--14th and fortnight two runs from the 8th--21st. So, the week of the 8th--14th is considered in both the proceeding and upcoming fortnight.

Let's look at another example:

Week 1: 15 hours
Week 2: 25 hours
Week 3: 25 hours
Week 4: 15 hours

In the fortnight of week 1 and 2, the student worked 40 hours (15+25) -- perfect! In the fortnight of week 3 and 4, the student also worked 40 hours (15+25) -- great! The issue is that in the fortnight of week 2 and 3, the student worked 50 hours (25+25), therefore exceeding their visa restrictions. 

If you have any concerns about your visa restrictions, you should complete a VEVO check. Whilst we cannot provide any specific visa assistance, feel free to reach out to us via the blue Sidekicker chat bubble if you think there's something we can help with.

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