Templates are a great feature to use if you regularly post similar shifts on the Sidekicker platform. 

Templates can be posted specific to sites (the different locations saved in your Sidekicker account where you regularly request staff), talent pools (previous staff you’ve used) or saved to post to all Sidekicks on the platform. 

You can add in the regular details that any staff working for you would need to know: 

After saving this template, you will be able to access it in your ‘Templates’ section of your Sidekicker account. Simply click ‘Use Template’ to create a shift from this template. 

Each time you post a job from the template, you will still need to ensure the address, date & time of the shift, and payment rate are correct. 

If you need to change the groups which are notified of the job posting, you can do this at any time via the ‘Edit’ button on the individual templates. 

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