To order a Captis, it's a 3 step process:

** The registration can be a little tricky the first time. The information below may assist you to successfully fill a submission:

The Meter ID can be found by logging into the Water NSW Data Acquisition Service (DAS) and checking your registered sites. If the site required is not visible on your DAS dashboard, contact

Each meter validation certificate assigns the installation location with a Works Approval Number (WAN) & Extraction Site ID (ESID). Find the correct entry on your DAS dashboard using the information from your certificate:

Below is an example DAS Dashboard:

Find the WAN & ESID entry for your site and unpack the location by left-clicking on it. This will then list the meter/s assigned to the WAN & ESID:

In most cases there will be only one meter but there may sometimes be multiple entries. If there are multiple entries, the largest sequence number will be the most recent/current registration.

In the screenshot above, the current Meter ID registration is 132-109

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