Connecting with Deel

Leverage your existing employee data in Deel to easily get all relevant information about the requester

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To help you see the full context of who the requester of a specific request is you can now connect Siit to your Deel account, bringing all relevant employee profile information into Siit.

Connecting to Deel

💁🏻‍♂️ Siit will only have access to the same information as the user configuring the connection, so in order for the integration to work properly make sure that a Deel user with sufficient rights is configuring the integration.

Select Connect in the Deel row to open the configuration dialog.

  1. Select if you want to connect a Deel Sandbox or Production Account

  2. How to set up:

    Step 1 – Select I want to authenticate through Deel’s website and click Next.

    Step 2– Then Pick Deel production.

    Step 3 – Follow the instruction to authorize Siit integration.

    Step 4 –You will then be taken to the Deel login screen.

    Step 5 – You will then be taken to the Deel login screen.

    Step 6 –You will be redirected to Siit and your integration is now active.

    Hooray, you are done! 🎉

From now on, Siit will synchronize your employee information from Deel with Siit including information about employee's role, department, office, and Start date...

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