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Unlock robust features for enhanced security and streamlined IT operations with Siit's highly advanced integration with Okta.

Quick Actions Capability (🚀): Siit empowers your IT team with quick actions, enabling them to trigger Okta actions such as adding users to groups, clearing sessions, or resetting multifactor authentication directly from the request conversation.

How to set it up

Supported features:

  • Import Okta users and apps

  • Reset user password

  • Reset user factors

  • Clear user sections

  • Activate/deactivate users

  • Suspend/unsuspend users

  • Add users to group

  • Assign apps to user

Add Siit API Service to Okta:

Log in to your organization’s Okta tenant and select the Classic UI.

Navigate to Applications > Applications > Browser App Catalog, search for Siit API Service, and then click Add Integration. Note that the two Applications references are not duplicated.

Click on Install and Authorize.

Copy the generated Client Secret, Client ID, and Domain.

Setting Up Okta Integration with Siit:

  1. Navigate to the Settings Page: Access the "Apps & Integrations" section in your Siit settings.

  2. Select Okta Actions: Click on "Okta Actions" to initiate the setup process.

3. Fill in Information: Complete the required fields, including:

  • Domain

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

4. Define Roles: Customize the integration further by specifying the roles for which Okta actions are enabled.

5. Activate the Integration: Once all information is provided, activate the integration.

Accessing Okta Actions in Request Conversations:

With the integration active, you'll gain access to a range of Okta actions directly within the request conversation. These actions include:

  • Adding Users to Groups

  • Clearing Sessions

  • Resetting Multifactor Authentication

  • Deactivate user

  • Open Profile in Okta

This seamless integration between Siit and Okta brings efficiency to your IT processes, allowing your team to respond promptly and securely to user requests.

Experience the future of IT operations with Siit's Okta integration. If you encounter any challenges during the setup or have questions about the functionalities, our support team is ready to assist you. Contact us at support@siit.io for personalized guidance and assistance.

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